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[490405] Sweepys in small areas do not sweep

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Since 489821 Sweepys do not work in a small area. They just sit around doing nothing. Maybe they've unionized? For instance, before 489821, I had a 4 tile area next to my super computer with a hydro sensor hooked to a liquid vent, next to a sweepy dock. The Sweepy would mop up the water for the researcher. Now it doesn't work at all. I have tried similar setups with different liquids, i.e. petroleum next to my molecular forage. I've also tried different amounts of liquid, in multiples of 100, from 100kg to 500kg; none worked.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Build a small area with a sweepy dock and some liquid like so:



2. Watch as the Sweepy does nothing.

User Feedback

Sweepys were able to mop liquid spills? And without telling them to?

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I tried building the same configuration on build 490405 and didn't encounter the issue, could you upload your save file so I can take a look?

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