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0K ice forming under extreme heat

Lucas Stark
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I've enclosed an Aluminum Volcano and filled the chamber with 2/3 Salt Water and 1/3 Water. When the Volcano became active, in addition to the Aluminum, it created some ultra-cold Ice and Brine Ice. I expected the Volcano to overpressure because of all the water, but apparently it had an unexpected side effect. My first Aluminum Volcano on this planetoid has been working as expected for several hundred cycles, so did a Gold Volcano, so I guess it's not a general issue with all volcanoes.


I've searched the forums and I see that this bug has appeared a few times before. Apparently, it's still here.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Dig out the Aluminum Volcano and clear all debris.

2. Enclose the Aluminum Volcano with Insulated Tiles and fill the area with water, making sure no pockets of gas remain inside.

3. Wait for the Volcano to become active.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Seems like this bug but it doesn't seem to be reproducible (as far as I've tried). It seems to happen at some point, not sure at what cycle count (probably while saving...?)

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@sakura_sk For me it doesn't seem like saving-time problem, I've just had it happen and it's just before the next cycle starts:


I'll experiment some more, maybe try to reproduce it in sandbox mode.

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I've enabled sandbox mode and checked it out during the next eruption. It froze every time I've filled the two bottom rows of tiles with water, salt water, brine, polluted water or ethanol. Crude oil didn't seem to be affected and I guess magma was too hot for it.


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I have this issue and it happens every time when the Tungsten Volcano become active, I tried to remove the ice and fill the area with water for several times. But it keeps freezing! 

Sorry I don't know how to locate my log files on Mac OS, the button doesn't work. If you need the log, please contact me and tell me how to find it.


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I also just experienced this. I figured it was the water interacting weirdly with the "-273" vacuum temperature.

Aluminum started plopping out and so did a ball of ice that eventually got to 2 tons, heh

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