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Won't fabricate Atmo Suits

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Can anyone tell me why my dupe won't fabricate Atmo suits? I have him prioritized as Operate only, power and materials are there. All other machines are switched off, the forge itself is at priority 9. He's happy and fed. I can't seem to figure it out. 

Edit: before anyone asks, I have deconstructed and reconstructed the forge. There were 10x reed fibres and more than required Copper Ore in the forge before I deconstructed it, so not having enough reed fibres is not the issue..



Steps to Reproduce
It was working fine until the latest update.

User Feedback

I can see only 1 reed fiber in the atmo suit forge(look at the buildings contents on the right - 900kg of copper ore and 1 reed fiber .. you need 2)... I've also have times where it says i have reed fiber but dupes don't want to pick it for some reason. Also, if you hover over the assignment(the atmo suit with the recycle arrows) it tells your what you're missing(probably fiber ;) ).

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I did have the required resources already in the forge. The SS u see is of a reconstructed forge, I did this a couple of times (wait for dupes to collect required resources, wait a couple of cycles, reconstruct) but still no Atmo suits were produced.

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Hi, sorry I did not have notifications for the post enabled. The situation resolved itself after I rebuilt the forge and the power wires. I am unsure about how to reproduce the problem.

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