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  1. Seems that way, my rocket came back with some stuff in the storage module, I don't think I got a report screen though. Granted, I've only sent out one rocket so far. Will test it out some more when I get a chance to play again~
  2. This. I'm almost at cycle 1000 and my base is still temperate with a grand total of 5 wheezeworts inside it pretty much since cycle 100. All i'm saying is to get as many wheezeworts as you need for early game cooling while keeping in mind that you can get more if you need to later on. What's so hard to get? lmao..
  3. My point being to get as much wheezeworts as u can through regular exploration as u progress and explore space when ur home planet runs out of them.
  4. Also, it seems like wheezeworts are now renewable through space explorations. Spam a couple of them in ur base!
  5. There's a new element fossils, u'd prolly need a new world to get it. Petroleum~ I had my astronaut in an atmo suit. Not sure if that was needed.
  6. Just launched my first rocket, u need to send an active signal to the gantry
  7. It seems that the sieve still outputs at a constant 40 degree celsius. I think this just means that the heat output of the sieve is increased. fossil in the rock granulator produces lime
  8. It looks like a new preset game setting. Not sure if it changes anything with world gen tho "No Sweat" vs "Survival"
  9. I believe if u check the job descriptions in the priorities page, u'll see that construction dig is under build. So I don't think this would be a bug
  10. Hi, sorry I did not have notifications for the post enabled. The situation resolved itself after I rebuilt the forge and the power wires. I am unsure about how to reproduce the problem.
  11. Hey guys, my metal refinery has over 8t of super heated liquid in it. I'm not sure if this is a bug or I did something wrong. Everything was running fine until I the abyssalite output pipe broke (which I suppose is due to the super heated liquid). As you can see from the screenshots that all the surrounding gases and liquids are cool and the hottest liquid going into the refinery is at most 40 degrees Celsius. I'm unsure if the refinery is supposed to be storing so much liquid. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I worked really hard on my base. Let me know if you require any additional information. Thanks!
  12. I did have the required resources already in the forge. The SS u see is of a reconstructed forge, I did this a couple of times (wait for dupes to collect required resources, wait a couple of cycles, reconstruct) but still no Atmo suits were produced.
  13. Can anyone tell me why my dupe won't fabricate Atmo suits? I have him prioritized as Operate only, power and materials are there. All other machines are switched off, the forge itself is at priority 9. He's happy and fed. I can't seem to figure it out. Edit: before anyone asks, I have deconstructed and reconstructed the forge. There were 10x reed fibres and more than required Copper Ore in the forge before I deconstructed it, so not having enough reed fibres is not the issue..