Window size set to 1x1 pixel

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The recent update seems to force a botched config option in unity. I have experienced this in Linux, and so far, only reported in linux.

The folllowing file has  

$ cat ~/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen\ Not\ Included/prefs 
<unity_prefs version_major="1" version_minor="1">
	<pref name="Screenmanager Fullscreen mode" type="int">1</pref>
	<pref name="Screenmanager Resolution Height" type="int">11</pref>
	<pref name="Screenmanager Resolution Use Native" type="int">0</pref>
	<pref name="Screenmanager Resolution Width" type="int">1</pref>
	<pref name="UnitySelectMonitor" type="int">0</pref>
	<pref name="unity.player_sessionid" type="string">MjEwOTIzNTEzNzE0MDQ2NzQyNQ==</pref>

 As can be seen, the native window geometry is disabled, and the screen size is set to 1x1 pixel. By manually editing the file to either use native geometry or enforcing a proper window size, the problem is fixed.

Steps to Reproduce
Update game to Space Industry, and launch the game.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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