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Wild Gulp Fish Not Reproducing

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Gulp Fish are apparently not reproducing in the wild. In my current game I had the misfortune of having a Pacu lay a Gulp FIsh egg. The egg hatched and, at about 10 years of age (about when you would expect the fish to lay an egg) the Gulp Fish suddenly burst and turned into meat and a bottle of water. Enclosed is a save file with the camera on the Gulp Fish right before it self destructs.

Gulp Fish Bug.sav

Steps to Reproduce
This is random due to the chances of a Gulp Fish Egg being laid by a Pacu. However it might explain why this is the only time I've ever seen a wild Gulp Fish in the game.

User Feedback

Well dang... it's 2 degrees warmer than the livable range for a Gulp Fish. Picky little devils, aren't they? It's a wonder they aren't an endangered species.  :)

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well livable range is a bit weird -50 to 25 while the comfort range is -20 to 5

the chances of a wild pacu to lay an gulp fish egg and that one being somewhere it survives is pretty close to 0 so i guess you're right

guess near 0 poluted water is there favourite place to be. though it doesn't exist naturally unless by some of chance some small poluted lake with a pacu spawns on top of an ice biome and no abyssalite present

XD now i wonder if they'd stay alive in liquid chlorine might try that out for fun XD water is a resource i use alot but this way i could keep more fishes maybe?

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Weird is a bit of an understatement. They turn polluted water into clean water BUT in most of their comfort range the water they create would instantly freeze. Eventually they would turn all the polluted water into ice and would die.

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