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When I make pipes, lag make too

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When my duplicants construct or deconstruct pipes(gas or liquid), lag is created.





construct pipes



I found some rules.

The large number of pipes won more in the tournament.
It may have something to do with the pressure inside the pipe.


When constructing a new pipe or deconstructing an existing pipe,
the action make my CPU have hardtime.
( recalculate updated paths ? multicore processing error ? )

Maybe it's because my CPU performance is low.
So, I am attaching a save file.

I'd appreciate it if you care even if there's nothing wrong with a good computer. :)




Steps to Reproduce
load saved file

User Feedback

It happens even if you empty every pipe, before you do anything. The problem here is, the whole network works as one system. Even if you build 2 pipelines without any connection at all, for the engine its only one system. And every new tile (or if you delete one), the whole network is reinitialized. 

The bigger your network gets, the more time it consumes to calculate. But thats not a bug, its just how the system works.

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