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Weird bug causes dupes to stay frozen in place

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When a dupe dies and is unreachable, it may cause the rest of the colony to be frozen in place. When reloading the save file, they will still remain frozen in place and it seems to corrupt the save file as dupes stay frozen after subsequent reloads. It is not so obvious and apparent in the screenshot though...


Steps to Reproduce
This one can be a bit difficult to reproduce. I don't know what caused this but it may have something to do with dead dupes being unreachable. Kill a dupe and make him/her/it unreachable. Wait until the dupe dies. Afterwards, every other dupe will mysteriously be frozen in place. It can also "corrupt" one or more save files (including autosaves) related to that colony, as the dupes will still stay frozen in place even after reloading the save file or reopening the game and reloading the save file. That includes one or more autosaves of the colony in the cycles before the dupe died.

User Feedback

I can concur that this is randomly happening in my latest game as well. But so far if i close the application and reopen the save file I can continue to play for a short period of time. I have attached my save file in case that helps. 

The Hapless Cosmos.sav

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Confirming this bug still exists in 278511. Unfortunately the dupe died way back in cycle 5, so essentially impossible to roll back to a prior cycle. This was not an issue until this weekend. Save file attached.

Clone Supernova.sav

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