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Water restricted by mesh tiles

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I don't even know how I did this. In a remote section of the base and I just noticed it this way.



Steps to Reproduce
1. build tiles 2. drip water 3. something 4. profit couldn't find output log in directory specified

User Feedback

Are you Playing sandbox? If you are, it is caused by solids not being deleted when placing a mesh tile.

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I have some screen shots of what causes this bug... they are taken in numeric order about ten seconds apart, excluding time spent paused.

1: I used sandbox to add several mesh tiles to the world. Notice how they coexist with the sandstone underneath them.

Double clicking on the mesh tile, I can still select the sandstone, though it does not show up in the tool tip.




2: All of the mesh tiles appear to clear up after another edit forces a world update, but if you double click the mesh tile...

There is some invisible sandstone.


3: Add some water, and due to the invisible sandstone, the tile is impervious to liquid, in total defiance of how a mesh tile is supposed to act.


Attached the world save.

test world.sav

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