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Water pupm sucking water into oblivion

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i have placed a pump underwater then connected it with pipes to a shower. then an outpipe from the shower to a hole for contaminated water to go to.

whilst the pump is switched on tho it is draining the water but not sending it through the connected pipes meaning its leaving my pool of water and going nowhere




Steps to Reproduce
place pump under water

User Feedback

I believe I am having the same issue.


I've had a lot of trouble with the pipes in general. This pump was working before, then the reservoir emptied, and when I refilled it the pump stopped working. I don't think I've reconfigured the pipes at all since it was working. This probably explains why my base has severe water issues.

I'm going to leave my save game in this state in case you need more info. Previously when this happened, deleting and replacing the pump solved the issue.

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