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Water pumps not pumping

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In my game I have 3 water pumps (1 for water purification, and 2 for carbon scrubbing) and they refuse to pump, with the only explanation being "not pumping" and nothing else.  I do have multiple carbon scrubbers and off shoot pipes attached to the water pumps if that does anything.

Steps to Reproduce
nothing unusual, just making pipes and carbon scrubbers and then boom no more water pumping even though the 2 carbon scrubber pumps are 6 squares deep in water.

User Feedback

wait, i just realized the problem. My duplicant will enter the lavatory but will randomly leave in the middle of going to the bathroom.... to do another task and just leave the progress bar on like half. Then all other duplicants "wait" for the lavatory to be open. It's really frustrating me. 

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There are a lot of things that can cause something like this, which is probably why that guy's asking for a screen.  

1)Is clean water going to the GREEN INPUT.  

2) Is a pipe going from the WHITE OUTPUT to a liquid vent?

3) Is there any other liquids other than clean water inside the input pipe?

4) Are all the pipes built? Same with the liquid vent?

5) Does everything have power? Pump, air scrubber?

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