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Water no longer flowing through irrigation

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So, I was irrigating my pincha peppers happily for a number of cycles when suddenly it just stopped flowing to them, they are not growing because of 'irrigation" and the water in the pipes isn't flowing despite double checking that the pipes are all connected.  Please see accompanying images for details.


Steps to Reproduce
I was watering my peppers and then I rearranged the pipes but made sure there was still a clear line but it no longer works.

User Feedback

2 things: 1. use a bridge after your sieve (in whatever direction is more valuable). Thats because water stops flowing when there are too many possibilities to flow. For example, a bridge to prioritize the water from your toilets down to the pepper plants. And from the input of the bridge (if it gets blocked down the road) to the sieve. That way, water will always reach your plants, and if they have enough, surplus will go to the sieve. That wont look like much, but that way its clear, where the water has to go for the system.


2. never use shortcuts on pipes, as you´ve done with your planters. This will cause problems all the time. Use a straight line above or beneath the planters, and connect the planters 1 by 1 from this line. If you use this too often, you will also run in a blockade of flow, but this can be solved by a bridge in the line somewhere. 


Another thing: Why do you use a conductive pipe above your sieve´s input? Is this just a mistake, or does it server any purpose?

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1.  So I tried that, and it still didn't work, even with a line going straight from the bathroom output to the pepper plants.

2. I never had a problem with that arrangement before when it was irrigating properly, but I'll give that a try and see if ithelps


What do you mean "conductive pipe"?

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First, you do not have all the irrigation pipes connected by the looks your only supplying 2. next it helps to enter at one side or even better yet have the water line run parallel with drop downs that feed into your irrigation boxes. 

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