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Water generating while using infinite storage

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While using the "infinite liquid storage" i found the water amount inside keep increasing at a exponential rate.

I attached 3 save file here, the water amount inside save 2565 was increased by a lot compared to 2564, and it increased even more and more at 60 cycles later - 2622.

I don't know what really cause the bug but it just happen.

Mini Cycle 2564.sav Mini Cycle 2565.sav Mini Cycle 2622.sav

Steps to Reproduce

How to reproduce ? Just let the colony i attached run and you eventually find the water amount just increased by a lot. And i'm sorry that my log file is just empty ...

User Feedback

When I used debug's Ctrl+F4 mop command, I found that the liquid in your infinite liquid chamber had 2 tiles of liquid in it.  I had to mop it twice.  I've never seen that before. I wonder if you passed some "maximum" storage amount, and then the game made another tile, and then things started going wonky. 

I did not see infinite growth of the liquid when I opened the game.  I noticed you have several mods install. First thing I would do is uninstall all mods, try to replicate the bug when no mods are installed, and then add a new upload.  Right now, this could be a mod issue (might not be).

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