Water Flashing into Steam

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My AT/ST setup has ran for just over 100 cycles now, and it was stable; but as you can see in photo, the water in that tile suddenly turn/flashes into steam, causing steam to go everywhere, and I cannot figure out why.

I have turned off all mods, and it's still happening. This has left me clueless.
Maybe there is something that's happening that I'm missing, I hope that's the case so I'm can fix it.




Mansion 195.sav

Steps to Reproduce

1. Run it for about 1 min on medium speed
2. Water on rightmost tile it on the right-bottom most steam turbine will flash into steam.
3. Has happened for me everytime so far for the past 10 reloads.

User Feedback

.... ....

Thanks. Replacing the insulated tile with airflow tile seem to be working;
However that to me seems like going around the issue instead of fixing it.
The insulated tile is exchanging heat with the liquid much faster than it should (transfering more than 4 degrees to 10+kg of material in less than a second, that to me sounds more like a bug than intended gameplay.

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Sounds like flaking. I suggest you to have a look into the forum, under "partial evaporation", and "partial melting".

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