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Water does not fill an empty space

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I came with something werd.

I made a tank to cool water coming from a cool steam geyser. But strangely, although their plenty of water, it's flow on the ground has stopped, has you can see in the screen below.




The pump is not in function, because of the thermal sensor that prevent it to pump until the temperature of the water goes under 40°C. So it does not come from water everly pumped out. :(


I wait a bit to see if it flows on top of this strange space.


Thanks a lot for this incredible game. :D

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Water behaves strange in ONI. Thats because the worst nightmare you can have is about calculations of water-flow.

ONI uses a rather simple system. 

As an workaround: 

Drop the water from both ends. That way the risk is ~1/4 for building small lakes in your setup-size.

Second: make stairs. Water will more likely fall down stairs, but will refuse to "creep" over even floor. (if its not clear: build an upside down hollow pyradmid, with the pump at the bottom)

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As I though, once the last water panel goes over 1000g, it flows ont the next panel.

But then, the same problem occurs. O_o




The stranger thing is that, at the very beginning, the water correctly spread on the first tiles.

If I remember wel, the water reach the thermal sensor. But can't remember if it stop before or on the thermal sensor.



Hmmm ... even stranger ...

The water completely refuse to fill the very last space on the right. And start to fill up all over space on top of the first layer of water. O_o



Each of the 11 panels of this first layer stopped filling at 999.9 kg.

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I got the point !

The water was stucked by ... some chlorine, carbon dioxine and polluted oxygen that are themselves blocked by the hydrogen above. Even though the hydrogen pressure was under 2000 g. :(


Once I see these 3 gases, I broke the wall to free some hydrogen, and the water finally fill the last space.



Has you can see on the screen, there's still some carbon dioxine that prevent water to flow in a space on the right.

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