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Vegetative Disassociative Disorder

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When I loaded up my game this evening, I found that all of my plants had separated from their pots/farm tiles. The pots' and tiles' status showed "no seed selected." The Wheezeworts all had a strange icon in their requirements section (see attachment).

Everything still seemed to be in the right location, just not "in" their holders.

I looked for a OxygenNotIncluded_Data\output_log.txt file but could not find it at the location described below.


Steps to Reproduce
This was a new world created with the preview branch. It's ~180 cycles old. I haven't seen this happen before, and I don't know how to reliably recreate the situation.

User Feedback

Changed Status to Dupe

Changed Note: to Thanks for the bug report. I think this is the same root cause as the bug below and should be fixed in tomorrows update: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni/eu-277680-plots-with-plants-awaiting-seeds-r11528/

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I've noticed this also. The bug is associated with the loading process. Effects all planters present when loading a game. It effects farming planters also, but fortunately doesn't seem to change the behavior of the plant itself, it is simply disconnected from the planter. For example destroying the planter does not remove the plant, which then floats in mid air. Uprooting the plant and replacing it temporarily fixes the problem, but it comes back when loading the game. I checked again, and the problem disappears if the game plays for a few seconds. Good work fixing the bug. Though it is still odd how game time needs to proceed to fully load. Part of the loading process never occurs until you unpause the game. Clearly an intentional devoloper decision but weird.

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I checked again, and the problem disappears

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