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Vanishing Water

Waifu Wars
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I debugged more room for my water tank and then the water started vanishing! I'm including the .sav from before and after the vanishing. Also heres a youtube video:



Synthpop and Airlock Cycle 281.sav

Synthpop and Airlock.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I had a wheezwort +hydrogen cooling room next to my water tank. I used debug/sandbox to remove the weezwort, fill the room with Void, and then deconstruct the room. this made my water tank bigger. i look back a while later and the water has vanished! I used sandbox to paint more water in and that water vanished too. eventually it reached a low level and stopped vanishing.

User Feedback

According to the clip, newly poured water is compressing into 1000 kg per tile. You should take note the amount of water for each tile in the reservoir before adding water and then check the amount again when water level in the reservoir is stable. 

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I can see what you mean by the clip. In the saves I had water up to the airflow tile. The cooling room was a triangle with the bottom right incline of the tank as it’s hypotenuse . I think even with the change in tank size I still lost water. I will double check when I get home. Thanks for the input. 

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