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  1. I can see what you mean by the clip. In the saves I had water up to the airflow tile. The cooling room was a triangle with the bottom right incline of the tank as it’s hypotenuse . I think even with the change in tank size I still lost water. I will double check when I get home. Thanks for the input.
  2. I debugged more room for my water tank and then the water started vanishing! I'm including the .sav from before and after the vanishing. Also heres a youtube video: Synthpop and Airlock Cycle 281.sav Synthpop and Airlock.sav
  3. I can still De-germ my water by putting it into a reservoir and surrounding it with chlorine
  4. Dupes are only delivering tiny portions at a time when delivering to ration box. They still pick up 1000gs when eating. Fixes when reloaded. Ember Island.sav
  5. Tooltip still says compost turns polluted dirt into fertiizer.
  6. I will tonight when I get home i added it to my original post
  7. Dupes suddenly stopped harvesting mealwood. If i reload the game they will harvest one plant and then ignore the rest. edit: added my DxDiag.txt and save file DxDiag.txt Astro-Aspiration.sav
  8. It seems like they will deliver from ration box to fridge. The problem seems to lie in a newly harvested meal lice. They ignore those unless they move to eat them. Additionally sometimes Dupes will stop delivering to Storage Compactors too. They will just go idle. Maybe the issue is picking things off the ground.
  9. Duplicants stopped delivering meal lice to ration boxes. I built a new one and they wouldn't deliver it to that either. I set the priority to 6 and checked Edible. i cant find my output log.
  10. The duplicant hops back and forth between ladder and pole without purpose. heres the clip
  11. i think it may actually because i havent dug up sedimentary rock yet? anyways i dont know how to delete this post
  12. Cant select sedimentary rock for critter feeder
  13. This happened to me too! It eventually went away on its own