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Unreachable POI comfy bed assigned to dupe

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Comfy beds in the environment can be automatically assigned to dupes, even if they are not reachable or visible to the player. This results in a dupe sleeping on the ground even if there are unassigned (player-built) beds in the base.

Picture 1: A dupe sleeping on the floor, even though there is an unassigned bed. The dupe is assigned a comfy bed, even though no such beds have been built.


Picture 2: The comfy bed in question is part of a POI near the base. However, it is inaccessible and (largely) hidden by the fog of war.




Steps to Reproduce

Roll a map with a comfy bed POI. This bug report is based on a game using the seed: OCAN-A-843767780-0

Excavate enough of the map so that the POI comfy bed is visible (but inaccessible and still hidden behind the fog of war).

When choosing a new dupe, they may now auto-assign themselves to the unreachable POI comfy bed.

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