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  1. Nisbet is stuck permanently trying to release pressure from an oil well that is disabled by automation. (Manually enabling the oil well fixes the issue. But having to keep an eye on automated machines kind of defeats the point of automation... )
  2. I'm not accusing anyone of anything. Let's just end this conversation. And all play the game however we want to play it.
  3. Sorry, didn't realize the food mechanics were different in the base game. As for Auto-Sweepers, we'll have to agree to disagree. "The way they work" is that they can magically pull things through walls. I have no problem with it being that way, I just choose not to use that particular mechanic myself.
  4. Every few cycles, I have a look at my calorie count. I was at over 200K, so I deconstructed my farms. I have a few ranches, wild pacu and Shove Vole's, and then there's the Sleet Wheat (I'm playing on the big starting asteroid). I was too lazy to actually check anything, but it seemed like that might be enough sources of calories. I have enough fridges to keep everything in them. A few cycles later, I was at 0 calories. Micro-managing food is of zero interest to me. But with the new food mechanics, I'll need to do something different. What are people's (low-maintenance) solutions for food? (And yes, I saw Francis John's recent video with his solution. Which was excellent. But It's immersion-breaking for me to have Auto-Sweepers magically pull things through walls, so I don't want to do that.) Thanks for any replies.
  5. If a dupe is on their way to a rocket (in my case they were in a transport tube - don't know if that is relevant) when their schedule switches to downtime, they move on to the next task after their downtime, skipping/deleting the space mission task.
  6. Playing a one-dupe world I was (finally) ready to launch my first rocket. When the dupe entered the rocket it triggered the "Colony Lost" pop-up notification. Even though the dupe is alive, but is in the rocket. The red "colony lost" notification in the upper left side of the screen remains, even after the dupe has returned from their space mission. PIC 1: dupe enters rocket, colony lost pop-up PIC 2: dupe has returned, colony lost notification still there Suggestion/possible fix: this pop-up could have a check first, to see if there are any dupes in rockets or on space missions (from which they will return, i.e. not the temporal tear) Edit/addition: the resource list also becomes wonky when there are no dupes on the asteroid, when all are in space. Presumably due to how the game calculates what resources can be reached, which goes a bit funny when no dupes are around to reach any resources. The resources don't show 0 for all things - some show there being a bit of resources, many show there being no resources of that type.
  7. Comfy beds in the environment can be automatically assigned to dupes, even if they are not reachable or visible to the player. This results in a dupe sleeping on the ground even if there are unassigned (player-built) beds in the base. Picture 1: A dupe sleeping on the floor, even though there is an unassigned bed. The dupe is assigned a comfy bed, even though no such beds have been built. Picture 2: The comfy bed in question is part of a POI near the base. However, it is inaccessible and (largely) hidden by the fog of war.
  8. Update: setting build commands - in my case to build over 5-6 of the radiant pipes with regular granite pipes - makes the output temperature of the oxygen leaving the icebox drop to close to zero. However, it immediately starts rising back to 40-50C. This happens even though no dupes have actually built anything yet. Similarly, when a dupe comes and actually replaces one (or more) of the tiles with granite, the temperature drops to slightly above 0 (which I imagine is close to what it would be without the bug), but then the temperature immediately stars rising to 40-50 again.
  9. I built an AETN-powered icebox (polluted water) to cool my (SPOM) oxygen. Even though the polluted water in the icebox is close to freezing, and the oxygen passes through 16 radiant pipes (8 Wolframite, 8 steel), the oxygen coming out is roughly the same temperature as it is going in: more than +40 C. I started with just the Wolframite tiles, and when that wasn't chilling the oxygen I thought it might just be a nerf of some kind. Then I added the steel, but with no better success. The oxygen is somewhat chilled when going through the icebox. But there are a lot of temperature fluctuations - sometimes it's close to freezing, sometimes more than 40 degrees warm. However, whatever the temperature of the oxygen in the icebox, the first pipe tile the oxygen hits after leaving the icebox, the oxygen temperature immediately jumps up to 40-50 degrees.