'unreachable food' error

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it says that 4 of my duplicates cannot reach food. I am in my 26th cycle and have not experienced this before. I do not know why this is occurring. I havent moved any of the food related items (such as the microbe musher), and none of my duplicates are 'trapped' anywhere. i have low source of plant related food but i have 60t of dirt which should be able to be used to make mush bars which is usable as food if i understand correctly. recently one of my duplicates started starving. I'm worried i'll lose all progress and have my duplicates all starve to death.

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i'm not certain what went wrong as I didn't notice it was happening until one of my duplicates started to starve. as stated above I have no plant foods but i have loads of dirt. i've just been building and digging to make room for new items i unlocked from research and then suddenly i noticed my duplicates starving and the unreachable food error.

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You have to put the order Muckbars into the microbe musher or they will not be made.  You also have to have pitcher pump in water source for dupes to bring water to the musher to make food with.  You also have to have the musher set at a high enough priority that they do that work over other jobs.

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What I do is reroll first 3 dupes till I get atleast 1 with 8 research or higher.  On all 3 I never select destructive, loud sleepers, narcoleptics, mouth breathers.  You never have to accept a dupe every single time.  You can even turn the dupe machine off(disable).  When I start I look first where is water, to the left I dig out and down some for bathrooms, And bedroom right above.  To the right I start digging to build research station. image.thumb.png.3acdd637d113a9d4cd1b6bf0cd34fc46.png

First research Battery, then Advanced Research (while reconstructing battery into big)   By this time oxylite starting to run low, install that algae deoxidizer and start digging out a garden.  I recommend passive co2 setup like this because it is self maintaining as long as your o2 source is far left of the garden entrace.  Once advanced research finishes I do the first 2 levels in food to get the garden plots.  7 mealwood per duplicant means they don't have to harvest once the garden is running.  If you keep more than 7 per dupe you will never run out of food.  At first I keep the plants on a constant 9 priority and use copy to spread the order to plant more that way as soon as a harvest happens that drops a seed they are planting another.  After that I recommend decor, then start grinding the tech tree where you feel its most needed for your stage or your plans.  I also click that consumables button up top and then click the meal lice picture so they are not allowed to eat that until everything else is gone.  If the mealwood is not strong by then I install a microbe musher to make Lice Loaf, it stretches the meal lice at the cost of water with no other real negatives.  At this point your well on your way to mid-game, install another algae system and start working on researching better everythings for building your dream base :)

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I am having this exact same problem

I have two refrigerators filled with food and a ration box filled with food that the duplicants can go to but it says that they can't reach food anyway. They are able to eat food that drops out of a microbe musher. I will attach my save file.


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