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Unreachable Dig flag is sometimes not removed.

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Hi, I get again that some build tasks are not completed because theĀ Unreachable Dig flag is not resolved when it should. We had that bug before. Reloading a save, or cancelling the build and starting it again fixes it, but it's annoying.

Steps to Reproduce
start a game and build lots of things.

User Feedback

I can confirm this, plan a bigger build with stuff not reachable and sometimes it says it is not reachable even though it is dug out.

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I have the same issue: I need to manually force duplicants to move there to move the build forward - cancelling build and build it a new - creates the job as reachable, the duplicants starts the job then they leave it and it becomes unreachable. This bug has devastated my game ;/ (run out of water)


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