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  1. I got a dupe with interest in tidying and supplying, both skill stating +10 to strenght, So I expected to get a dupe with +20 to strenght. Unfortunately it does not stack, bug or a feature?
  2. The high payload deliveries loaded with critter eggs does not get delivered to planetoid - the "bullets" does not appear. Everything else is delivered. Nice to have - could we deliver food also (currently the list is a copy of storage container) using the same method? Thanks!
  3. The portaits of dupes persist when you scroll down the menu when assigning skill points.
  4. On colony B I run out of sedimentary rock. On main base A i get notification that I have no sedimentary rock even if I have 32 tons and active supply tasks. My save... is not in the catalog, not attached.
  5. I have encountered similar bug when I wanted to sweep item which had no designated container to be swept into And now Im stuck with yellow frame and sound. And by accident finded a remedy: - Order a sweep with !! PRIORITY - cancel this sweep by tool - Alarm will persist - Sweep item again with other sweeping priority i.e. 5
  6. The pacus does not want to swim untill game is reloaded. I think it was also happening in base game. Save NOT included (is in the cloud? I cannot find my savefile in save catalog...) My logfile catalog is empty
  7. Hi! I started to use sweepy to clean my surface from regolith. This one sweepy dock was unusual When constructed Auto sweeper wanted to fill it with refined metal to build sweepy - the metal was not accepted and was getting dropped on the glass and then auto sweeper again pick it up and try to provide the dock with metal (up to infinity) I changed priority levels that sweeper stopped it then all my dupes started to bring this dock metal - each of them generated new errand (which was lagging the game). Then the dock poped 2 sweepys, But still was accepting the metal in. Story ends in "error ocured" please restart the game.
  8. I do not have a printscreen and I was unable to reproduce this bug again. In puddle of Crude oil I found 245kg bubble of natural gas. I wanted to redirect it to gas pump. So I dig it out and a bubble was traveling thru crude oil to my pump. Unfortunatley the same moment a dupe decided that he want to pass thru manual airlock - the bubble entered the open door and get smashed by this door. When next dupe wanted to pass by this door the gas were gone - space behind manual airlock was occupied by crude oil. 245kg of natural oil was gone from game.
  9. I have the same issue: I need to manually force duplicants to move there to move the build forward - cancelling build and build it a new - creates the job as reachable, the duplicants starts the job then they leave it and it becomes unreachable. This bug has devastated my game ;/ (run out of water)
  10. Hi! Unfortunatley my screenshots are deleted - I did not know that Steam does not save the screenshot automatically so I need to explain what I think is a bug. So I have build crude oil evaporator using magma on bottom of the map. It works simply to convert crude oil using magma to natural gas and export it to surface. I wanted to "pump out" some CO2 from the room outside so I have decided to build temporary small gas pump in this room - I just did not pay atention to pump melting temperature and the pump has melted instantly - and I did not notice that it has changed into "naptha" liquid. Much later when I have started the room my crude oil was behaving strange - instead of dripping to magma it was pilling up on one side of room. A sketch - due to lost printscreen (here is supply of crude oil) XXXXXXX(crude oil 400kg)XXX xxxxxxx(crude oil-400g)xxxxxxxxx 0000(naptha-4000g)0000 XXXXXXX(crude oil 400kg)XXX _____________(gold metal plates)_________________________________________ _____ MAGMA So what I think a bug is - the 400kg of crude oil was stacking up on right side of room and was unable to move small puddle of naptha to the left where it would fall to hot metal plate and evaporate. I was really thinking is the liquid mechanic soo strange in ONI? When I did notice that between my dripping point and mountain of crude oil is this naptha - I did send my dupe inside, to wipe it out - when naptha was gone from this two tiles the oil was moving as it was designed - from right side of room to the left side of room. TL;DR Liquid cannot move other liquid in horizontal axis - on vertical axis all works ok. I will look thru my save games to find proper save maybe it is not lost. If its unclear please ask questions! Thanks!