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Unity game engine bug for Linux, keypresses register twice.

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Linux Fixed

There is a bug/regression in the newer versions of the game engine Unity, which leads to key-presses being registered twice on Linux.

So if I type "test" in the game, I get the following output: "tteesstt".

This also messes with moving the game view with the WASD keys, because after about half a second to a second, the additional "keypresses" lock up the movement of the screen, due to too much input. So then you have to release the key, and press again, to scroll a bit further.

This issue is not unique to Oxygen Not Included: other games which use a newer version of Unity have this regression/bug too.

I've managed to find the relevant bug-report on the Unity Issue Tracker:


Steps to Reproduce
1. Use Linux distribution. 2. Start Oxygen Not Included preview branch (Expressive update). 3a Start game, try moving around with the WASD keys, note that this only works for a short while. 3b Save the game, input a name, note keypresses are doubled.
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I've just tested the stable branch of the game (Cosmic Upgrade), and that version is not affected by this bug/regression.

Also: it appears that the Unity developers have this fixed in Unity 2018.2

At least, that's what the Issue Tracker says.

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This bug is fixed in version: EU-279007 on the steam beta branch [expressive_update_testing]

The scrolling around the map with WASD keys works as normal again. And also input in text fields is as normal.

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