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  1. ONI QoL Mk 2, 306910 When queuing up research needing a Super Computer (which you don't have yet), the red alert message says: "Missing Research Station". It would be more accurate if the text says: "Missing Super Computer". Because that's the thing you need to build. See screenshot. Top left has the error message, note I don't have the Super Computer built yet.
  2. Branch: ONI QoL beta 2, version 306670. Problem: the window/text for some room bonuses is not aligned properly, some go too far to the right of the screen (causing text to be missing), and some go too far to the left (so it looks messy when you hover your mouse over them in succession). Scaling: 100 % (default). Resolution: 1680x1050. Screenshot: window/text for the latrine room bonus is too far to the right. Affected rooms with runoff of text: Washroom, Latrine, Great Hall, Mess Hall.
  3. Branch: ONI QoL Beta 2 Graphics: Scaling 100% (Default) resolution: 1680x1050. Problem: text of current job overlaps (behind) the heart and skill number. This looks a bit ugly. See screenshot. Screenschot description: Bubbles is currently in Apprentice Architect job, I clicked on the Miner dropdown, you can see that in the dropdown the text of Bubbles current job overlaps with the heart icon and the skill number.
  4. The text in the database for the incubator has a header named "Farmable Plants" with pictures of eggs. I think something like "Incubatable Eggs" would be better. See screenshot for header text.
  5. I can reproduce this crash on Linux, Ubuntu 18.10. I've reported it trough the crash report screen. Steps to reproduce: have a 5 uses remaining outhouse. Deconstruct the outhouse. Crash. Player.log pre_outhouse_crash_linux.sav
  6. Dupes ignore door restrictions

    Branch: QoL Beta 2. OS: Linux Ubuntu 18.10 The dupes also ignore door restrictions on Linux. I have a latrine room, and dupes should only exit the room from the door near the washbasins. However dupes will just use the door near the toilets to leave. The door near the toilets is only supposed to be used from right to left.
  7. Branch: QoL Update Beta 2. OS: Linux, Ubuntu 18.10 Graphics: Nvidia GTX 780 Ti, Nvidia 415.27 driver. Problem description: On Crash Report screen: text input box cuts into final line of text. Text size was set at default 100%. Playing on 1680x1050 resolution. See screenshot.
  8. Branch: ONI QoL Beta 2. OS: Linux, Ubuntu 18.10 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 780Ti, Nvidia 415.27 driver. Problem: there's a grey bar that's supposed to cover the white text: "Added" "Removed" and "Net". This grey bar doesn't seem to fit just right, needs adjustment.
  9. Can confirm: same issue on Linux, on Ubuntu 18.10.
  10. Branch: Oxygen Not Included Quality of Life Upgrade beta 2. Problem: text misaligned in the section Data Collection. Text size is set at the default 100%. See screenshot. OS: Ubuntu 18.10 Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 780Ti on Nvidia driver 415.27
  11. Double letters when typing under Linux

    Also with regards to my original bug-report which user krop has linked: This bug is fixed in version: EU-279007 on the steam beta branch [expressive_update_testing]
  12. This bug is fixed in version: EU-279007 on the steam beta branch [expressive_update_testing] The scrolling around the map with WASD keys works as normal again. And also input in text fields is as normal.
  13. I've just tested the stable branch of the game (Cosmic Upgrade), and that version is not affected by this bug/regression. Also: it appears that the Unity developers have this fixed in Unity 2018.2 At least, that's what the Issue Tracker says.
  14. There is a bug/regression in the newer versions of the game engine Unity, which leads to key-presses being registered twice on Linux. So if I type "test" in the game, I get the following output: "tteesstt". This also messes with moving the game view with the WASD keys, because after about half a second to a second, the additional "keypresses" lock up the movement of the screen, due to too much input. So then you have to release the key, and press again, to scroll a bit further. This issue is not unique to Oxygen Not Included: other games which use a newer version of Unity have this regression/bug too. I've managed to find the relevant bug-report on the Unity Issue Tracker: https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/linux-keystrokes-recorded-twice
  15. Version of ONI: Occupational Upgrade preview (development build: JB-252151) Summary: Pee mixes with water reservoir, water stops rendering properly. The water still exists in the game, but doesn't render. Steps to reproduce: My dupe peed over the floor, the pee flowed into the water reservoir. The water then stopped rendering properly. If I hover over the tiles with water, the mouse-over text still says there's water. Included files: Savefile previous to the bug. Savefile after bug. player.log systeminfo via lshw html file I've included a savefile, from before the "accident" when the water was properly visible. And i have a save from after the accident. So you can compare the files, and see what went wrong. The dupe peed near the stairwell leading to the water reservoir. Other things that might be relevant: I have seen this bugreport, and it might have some bearing on this bug. But I had properly rendered water to begin with. bug_report_water_render_bug.sav bug_report_water_render_previous.sav Player.log system_info_lshw.html