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Unequipping Atmo Suit doesn't clear Soiled Suit Debuff

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

If a dupe soils their suit and then unequips said suit they can't remove their soiled suit debuff unless they re-equip a suit and use an atmo suit station.  I tried building a shower, but that wouldn't remove it either; only building an atmo suit station and checkpoint, delivering their suits, and then forcing them past the checkpoint so they equip/unequip their suits will remove it

Steps to Reproduce

Equip atmo suits.  Fly in rocket ship to another planet.  Wait for dupes to soil their suits.  Unequip said suits.  Dupes have permanent debuff until you build an atmo suit checkpoint/station, deliver a suit, and have the dupe walk past the checkpoint.  

SpaceJunk Cycle 112.sav

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User Feedback


Unequip suit, then re-equip and unequip again solved it for me without building atmo suit station

I managed to get out of this mess...



But it's not only atmo suits. Snazzy suit doesn't register it's decor until reloading the game



Equiping snazzy suit. Save game.





I don't know if save-reload also solves soiled suit debuff

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