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  1. Nope. Only method of revealing space right now in the test branch is to use a cartography module, which isn't ideal.
  2. Telescopes cause my game to crash when a dupe tries to use them. I'm assuming you're aware at this point. Aso, stellar cartography module needs a buff, IMO. 5 squares of height and it's fundamentally worse than just sticking a telescope (when they don't crash the game) inside the command capsule.
  3. Okay, here's the save, and I've also attached a short (3 minute) video from Google Drive showing the issue in action: While I've got your eyeballs: * Dupes still don't respect atmosuit checkpoints on rocket capsule exit (they leave their suit on enter, then exit without it). * Nuclear waste leaks out of buildings/pipes. Intentional? * Oxygen Mask to Atmo Suit checkpoint interactions don't work very well. I tried on multiple saves to have dupes run around with masks until they hit oil, and when I set up a mask to suit exchange outside the hot biome they would frequently become trapped because they'd ditch their mask and forget to hang it up. And some thoughts: * Rockets shouldn't require the associated bay (cargo/gas/liquid) to load/unload material/gasses/liquids into rockets with viable ports. For storage, yes. For loading/unloading directly into the command capsule (IE Oxygen), IMO, no. * Rockets need a weight-based takeoff limit (maybe instead of a height requirement), IMO, otherwise the cargo module/large cargo module are never going to be as good as tossing storage containers in the capsule. There's a lot of exploity stuff you can do this way, with any kind of storage (liquid/gas/solid). * Dupes need to stop using the toilets in my damn rockets on the ground. I JUST CLEANED THAT MEEP. Also, we need space toilets, maybe 1x3. Trying to cram a bathroom in a capsule is awkward. In fact, I think we need space versions of most basic buildings, like space hammocks and space tables. * On the above note, having to constantly toggle nutrient bar/berry sludge edibility for a given pilot is time consuming (and easy to forget with all the other requirements of getting into space). Can we get a separate "space loadout" dupe checklist or something? I guess you can solve this with more production, but it feels awkward in midgame. * In space, maybe there shouldn't be gravity (IE jetpack movement). * Why do I have to land two dupes in order to get enough metals to build a rocket platform? Why can't robots build rocket platforms? The whole process of getting rockets down onto planetoids is kind of awkward, IMO * The suit maintenance problem (optional, I know) becomes a problem when you start trying to colonize other worlds and have to somehow cram an exosuit forge into your already space-limited capsule. Not sure if this is intentional, but it's really hard to work with. * Resin is REALLY expensive to obtain and all recipes that use it require a LOT of it. Trying to build a room of insulated tiles out of insulation would require Millions of kcals of food. Intentional? * I almost exclusively use Radbolt Rockets, even when hydrogen is available, because they get better range and have similar height requirements (after you take into account the fuel tanks/oxidizer tanks). Hydrogen-based rockets just feel like too much effort for not enough effect AND LASTLY: It would be really cool if we could discover (not develop) tech from gravitas that would allow us to build a building that, in a limited area, sped up time. Call it a temporal accelerator, make it require endgame materials, but that way when you're building these massive endgame projects you have the ability to get things done quickly as your reward for "beating" the game. Rocket Out of Power.sav
  4. Sure, let me see if I can reproduce. Give me a couple hours.
  5. Yup, I was getting ghost squares from digging commands and building commands too
  6. Patched and my rocket, which had already launched, has run out of power despite having 4 panels and only 70w usage.
  7. Moving between dupes in the skill point assignment screen doesn't properly change the dupe selection, and only updates after closing and reopening the screen.
  8. Meter valves (including the conveyer meter) no longer appear in the test branch research tree.
  9. Not entirely sure how it happened, but a duplicant got stuck on a ladder tile. Happened just as the telescope module for the rocket was completed, and now they are stuck midair and can't get down. No construction/deconstruction of tiles appears to free them.
  10. I've got a rocket on the swamp planet (3rd planet on the list, normal starting world) fueled with Carbon Dioxide and trying to do a one-way journey to the homeworld, but after having skillscrubbed my dupes (tried with two different dupes) and putting them in the rocket it still says "missing qualified crew". Not sure what the issue is.
  11. If a dupe soils their suit and then unequips said suit they can't remove their soiled suit debuff unless they re-equip a suit and use an atmo suit station. I tried building a shower, but that wouldn't remove it either; only building an atmo suit station and checkpoint, delivering their suits, and then forcing them past the checkpoint so they equip/unequip their suits will remove it
  12. I had a rover module on the Forest Planet and it had been there for some time, with its battery finally expiring. It was on there for I'd say a good 30 or so cycles, and then I got back around to working on that planet and lo and behold it started executing commands. Is it a little like Curiosity lasting so far beyond its original mission? Maybe. But I don't think it's intended behavior :P SpaceJunk Cycle 109.sav
  13. If a square is assigned a dig command, I can't place a ladder build command on it like I could on live.
  14. After loading and unloading the small oxidizer tank a couple of times, I can no longer change the quantity of fuel and the fuel gauge is stuck at 100% full.