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Uncancelable dig

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Well, I reached space.  My dupes are so proud.  Unfortunately, we seem to have a miscommunication.  The selected tile has a dig order on it that I can't cancel.  I'm trying to build a tile under it to stop them from venting the base in to space, but I can't cancel the dig order,  Previously, there was a conveyor rail, drywall, and fire poll ordered for that position, but when I realized my mistake, I canceled it.  But they keep trying to dig the tile anyway.

Loading removed the dig order, but they almost caused a breach.

For anyone reading this who cares, the conveyor rails are to have the dupes automatically clear the regolith.

EDIT I just realized in the picture I am just mousing over it.  The tile in question is the abyssalite tile with the cracks in t in the path of the fire poll.

Steps to Reproduce
I ordered a drywall, fire poll, and conveyor on the same tile. I don't know if this was the cause.

User Feedback

did you save after ordering the construction, then load the game play a bit and see the potential breach and try to stop it?
When I encountered this problem it took multiple steps to replicate it regularly.

Issue build orders on solid blocks
cancel build orders
encounter bug

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