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[TU-211867] Material Menu Slider Doesn't Reset Position Bug

  • Branch: Live Branch Pending

When the game displays all the materials you are able to use to build something and a slider appears and you move it, the window doesn't reset when less materials are displayed.

I moved the slider all the way to right. I already reported the bug of not being able to see all of the farthest right material and material count not being displayed correctly if over 100K, so ignore them if already fixed.


I switch to building another object, but the window remembers were the slider was set even though there are less materials. Copper Ore exists, but its way outside the window to the left.


I have to do back to Liquid Pipe to move the slider back to the left to get Copper Ore to be visible again.


Steps to Reproduce
Explained in post.

User Feedback

Less frustrating workaround: you can scroll on the material list with the mouse wheel and somehow get the copper ore to show even if there is no scrollbar shown

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