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[TU 211579] Thermal Regulator overheats

  • Known Issue

Thermal Regulator overheats within a cycle when built with Gold Amalgam.


Temp - new cooling Cycle 192.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Build the Thermal Regulator with Gold Amalgam and run it for a cycle.

User Feedback

Too low atmospheric pressure + low conduction gas cause it to overheat. Dude, thermal regulator should be build somewhere faraway in nowhere, as it takes heat directly from air + operation cost and puts it into itself (build it near your wheezewort and fill area with hydrogen). Or go another way and use water cooling system (drop some water on it), but keep in mind that water will be heated, and one time you will have to deal with it (you can use glitch with moping high temperature water). Have fun!

Here is some example (this system is quite bad, don't use it :) )


Edited by PVD

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Look closely presure 700 its normal , and around it self 30*C its should surrounding first heating then TR , and dev itself asking making this post ^^

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Devs, can I beg of you to change your status description for Known Issue to break the "or we are not planning on addressing it" part into something else? Some bugs seem pretty game-breaking, and I'd think the response would be "we know about it but don't have a fix yet." Full stop.

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