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Transit tube access station (2-high building) requires 4-high if there's a ceiling

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You cannot connect a transit tube crossing directly to the transit tube, nor one block higher if you're going straight up, because the transit tube won't connect between the crossing to the access station. This seems to be a bug or oversight.

A solution is to allow transit tubes crossing to connect to the top, and possibly to each other (allowing a wall or floor of transit tubes).

An aside: It'd be sweet if the transit tube crossing could also connect on the bottom.

Steps to Reproduce
See desc.

User Feedback

Transit tubes and transit tube crossings are coded to follow the same rules as heavy-watt wires and heavy-watt joint plates

they have access ports on ether side that can't be overlapped, the problem is there's no overlay for transit system so the ports are invisible

perhaps we need an overlay? 

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