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  1. Yeah, I just started up a game on Aridio (with measurable traits like geodes) and it definitely had some challenge. But I got food and O2 going without any real issues and just found enough sand for water sieve and deodorizers. It's a slow start for sure. I think the main difficulties of this planet are the standard things don't work and food can be a major issue. O2 is completely different, water is scarce, and food can be difficult. Push too hard or too fast and you run out of vital resources. While the forest muckroot will be really helpful, the issue with food is the temperatures. I got a lucky water drop in the printer, and it was only 10C, so I built a farm and dumped it there to cool it off. So I don't think the existence of a bit of food is that useful at the start. It just buys some extra time, but at a potentially high cost of diminishing your atmospheric pressure. Now that it's patched, I might go test it again and see if my prediction is true.
  2. How do you separate that out? Is it a guess, or is there a way to turn off all traits to get the baseline asteroid?
  3. I found that the starting world options makes a huge difference on difficulty of the playthrough, on most worlds. Magma channels tend to leak into and destroy other biomes, so you can get a steam pocket of 500kg easily, or a channel roasting your misjudged starting location. This can be incredibly difficult -- definitely not easy. A new player would be incinerated and not know why. That is who these ratings should be tailored to. In fact, maybe the rating should change based on the starting stats to guess how difficult it will be. Rime can be an easy start, or a fairly difficult start. Subterranean oceans are warm, so that can make it really easy to get 25C liquid heat. But some starts are really cold everywhere, and simply plumbing your bathroom at cycle 40 is difficult, and you can forget using water locks on the entire map until you find oil. But I think we can agree once you get temps (and thus food) handled, the mid-game is pretty smooth.
  4. Water sieve min output temp seems to be gone. It's not zero. Trying to implement a base heater on Rime, I just fed it some -12C pwater, and it broke my pipes with -12C water.
  5. In this test, all doors have access revoked for all dups. Starting screenshot. Door permission failed screenshot. Fully locked doors do work to prevent access. Starting screenshot #2. Again, all door permissions are revoked, including horizontal dual doors. Door permission failed #2 screenshot. Edit: here's another. Starting screenshot #3. Door permission failed #3 screenshot. I've reported some of these before, and several got fixed. These permissions are still broken even after the door fixes a couple updates ago.
  6. Doors elevated or sunk do not behave the same as doors elevated or sunk if they have tiles on top/bottom sides. Example: The door to the right of Catalina has no permissions, but she can walk through it normally unless it's fully locked. The open door (with full perms to access) blocks her. The other doors past that work normally. The only difference is the airflow tiles which allow her to climb down or up.
  7. You cannot connect a transit tube crossing directly to the transit tube, nor one block higher if you're going straight up, because the transit tube won't connect between the crossing to the access station. This seems to be a bug or oversight. A solution is to allow transit tubes crossing to connect to the top, and possibly to each other (allowing a wall or floor of transit tubes). An aside: It'd be sweet if the transit tube crossing could also connect on the bottom.
  8. Another kind of door restriction anarchy

    There are still bugs with door permissions in the non-preview branch, too.
  9. When clicking on a dup, my fps goes from > 30 to ~5. Back to normal when clearing selection.
  10. Dupes ignore door restrictions

    Ah shoot, I just posted this.
  11. Mechanical door permissions (auto with "arrow" permissions disabled) are being ignored. Dups pass through freely. Related is other issues with doors. The arrows should correspond to the rotation. Since they rotate 90 degrees clockwise, the left arrow should correspond to "up" but this is not obvious, and does not always work properly. Also, the left/right arrows don't work if a dup tries to pass through a door that requires a step up on the other side.
  12. Hatch doesn't drop when door opens below it

    I think it's intentional. They used to fall through horizontal doors several updates ago. This got changed but vertical doors were kept the same. Pneumatic and horizontal doors also don't work as foundations anymore either iirc. Working as intended means it's not a bug, but maybe it's kind of odd.
  13. There's no option to remove an exosuit any more ... or I can't find it.
  14. You literally cannot. You have finite copper ore to make exosuits. It might not be working as intended, but it's not really exploitable for very long. By the time you can make exosuits, you probably have most of your O2 needs met already. I figured it was on purpose, to allow you to use exosuits before you have docks (which require refined metal).
  15. This seems unintended. Dug out some polluted water to let it fall into a small pool, then down a shaft, and it forced its way into a sealed area. The tiles were metal tiles with a mechanical door above, with no permissions. Screenshot: