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transit tube access : no tube connected error where there is a tube connected

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

After building a transit tube access, it says there's no tube connected but ... there is :D



Maybe it a matter of order in the building.

The tube on the left was build for a "long" time.

I've deconstructed a section of this tube to make the crossing. So that is was made quickly, I put it on priority 9. My duplicant bring plastic for the crossing and also the first section above the access. And both were constructed at this moment, but the 2 other tube section and the access were not made.

The acess was build befor the 2 last tube sections. The power line was already made before.


Reloading the game solved the problem.


Steps to Reproduce
Don't knwo : see the message.
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Its an old, very good friend of a bug. Its happening all the time, because the station wont recognize the tube when beeing powered. It happens mostly when the tube is already build, and the power comes second. 

Workaround: Power first, then tube it. If already build, deconstruct the tube connection, and rebuild it. 

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