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Tiles not getting deconstructed

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This is a specific bug that can really mess you up and waste a lot of water. Specially when you want to make a clean water section and a contaminated water section right next to it.

Excuse me for the terrible quality of the screenshot, I couldn't find a big sized one and the bug is rare so I couldn't make it happen myself. If I'm able to do that again I'll surely post a better one.



Steps to Reproduce
When you enclose water with the tiles and you put a tile like it's showed on the screnshot, it will become indestructible, even if a dupe deconstructs it, it will still be there, even if it's reachable aswell. If you did it and you were able to deconstruct it, try deconstructing the floor and make another floor below it but leave a tile.

User Feedback

If you manage to find out more details on how to cause the bug that would be great. I couldn't reproduce this locally.

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I got a similar bug where I can't deconstruct Air Deodorizers, Algae Terrariums and Compost(s). 

Essentially, somehow, the game at one point decides to ignore the deconstruct instruction for a/some specific type of item(s) indefinitely. It's happened with something at every game I've played for more than 8 hours.

I will upload my latest save file so you can try deconstructing yourself. No matter how many times I restart my computer and close/run the game, the bug won't stop.


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For tiles workaround is to build tile of another type on the one we want to deconstruct and deconstruct new one.

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