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They won't come out of the rocket

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My guys finish their rocket trip but won't come out of the rocket. Tested with 2 different duplicants. Disabling command capsule does not work. Deconstructing command capsule does work however and they are free again and duplicant population count goes up.  It won't let me upload a save because it's not the right kind of file for some reason. Also, I can not find output_log.text. Any help would be welcome though.

Steps to Reproduce
I'm not entirely sure. I deconstructed and moved the gantry while the rocket parts were still there.

User Feedback

I just encounter something similar, after my first space mission ever.

I'm not sure it's related, but i explain it here.


As soon as the rocket was launch, the duplicant assigned has completely disappeared from lists :

My base as 6 duplicants. The one send in mission is Abe. But now, the list only shows 5 duplicants. Abe his gone !!! O_o


Even in the job panel, There was no more astronaut, nore cadet shows has mastered


Another strange thing, in the event list, in the top left corner, it show "Ready to land". And when I put my mouse above it, it says "A spacecraft is ready to land : saveGame". But my rocket was named <"petite" Bertha>.



And it is shown as "grounded", on the starmap.



Same as above, deconstructing the command module as free Abe for the "Nowhere Land" :p

But with only 1 morale point. :(



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Watching Sips live right now having this bug.  It seems when you only have 1 dupe fully trained to be an astronaut, that dupe will effectively disappear from the game when they're assigned to a rocket. When you get another dupe trained and assign them to the rocket, the first one  will be listed as returned and will go back to functioning as normal.

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