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Thermoregulator holding materials forever

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I have a thermo regulator that I am trying to use to liquefy a gas.  As expected, when it came out below the condensation point, the gas pipe broke and the liquid came out, which I caught in a reservoir of airflow tiles.  However, once the pipe broke, the thermo regulator kept taking hydrogen in and storing it and not releasing it, even when the output pipe was repaired.  When the duplicants finally got around to fixing it, which often took quite a while (despite the fact that there is nothing else to do.  Attached is a save where this is happening.

blah Cycle 61.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Build a system like in the attached save.

User Feedback

I got the same result when the pipe directly at the thermo regulator output broke. First I thought the hydrogn disappeared, but I found it when I investigated why the thermo regulator drops the temperatur by 40 degrees :)


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