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[Thermal Upgrade] All my warm sweaters Disappeared? + Issue With Fibers

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I continued my game this morning and all 12 of my Dups were missing the warm sweaters I had provided. Unsure of the cause. will give them all new ones, save and reload to check for accuracy (will save files as well.) (CONFIRMED, WHEN RELOADING SWEATERS ARE GONE.)

Along with this I cannot pick up 5 Thimble Fibers Sitting in front of my Storage Container, they just sit there and cycle through having each one in the dups inventory and dropping it before picking up the next.


The Mooples #2.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Use my Mooples.sav
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User Feedback

.... ....

I only see 4 warm vests in the save file and they are all assigned to a dupe.
But they aren't marked as equipped?
Not sure if that is how that particular equipment is designed, but there is "isEquipped = false" in the save file.

All of the clothing modifiers are still set on the dupes though (even on the ones without clothing assigned).

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