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(Thermal Update) Missing Entities on Worldgen

  • Pending

I generated 5 worlds and looked at them with the developer tool. (3 after updating and 2 after reinstalling)

For everything but the starting area no entities are generated, with which I mean: morbs, pufts, steam geysers, the new plant (wheeze-wort or similar) and other stuff i might not remember. But at least one world had a void (not in the starting area).

No Entities.sav


Steps to Reproduce
generate world -> be sad

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback

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3 hours ago, Profitz said:

Sound like fog of war. When you reveal map with backspace it show tiles but not entities.

You are indeed correct. After spawning in dupes for vision I can see what I thought  was missing. Now I wonder why I had no problem with this before the update?

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