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The amazingly compressible water

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After I found myself a water geyser, I set up a stair for it to fill my main reservoir and, after having my fill, set a door to block flow until further needed. The water keeps flowing non-stop from the geyser, and falling down the ladder, but instead of eventually filling the area, it sits neatly compressed in less than a square worth of space. It does not push in any direction either, despite having a mass of several tons.


Steps to Reproduce
Have a setup like the one shown I guess? Not visible but there, a water geyser on top, oozing water at a steady rate.

User Feedback

I'm guessing this has something to do with Natural Gas. What's in the tile above of the water?

Here's another crazy physics picture involving Natural Gas, Polluted Gas and Polluted Water. This could be the same problem, but it only affects 1 tile instead of all of them.


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Indeed there is a small fickle particle of natural gas up there, less than 5 grams actually; is that what's keeping 500 tons of water under check? That's some sturdy gas.

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