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Text inputs not working

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I'm playing on Linux (Fedora 34) via steam. Most text inputs do not work, I'm not able to type anything in them. The only ones working are the ones on sensors (e.g. I can type 150 inside an atmo sensor), and renaming of dups/schedules. With refineries/crushers/kilns, smart batteries, bins, reservoirs, valves, automation gates, I can only use the slider or buttons where present, but sometimes that's not enough for some precision jobs (like moving 4 atmosuits, or setting 1g in valves). 

I've resumed playing on linux recently (2 weeks ago), in the past (like months) I didn't have these problem. Also I don't have them on windows of course.

I have no idea how to investigate the bug, no errors, no crashes. I doubt it's a bug in ONI, most likely in the engine.


Steps to Reproduce

Start a new game, build a bin, try and type something to set the amount.

User Feedback

Further observation. Loaded MODs make no difference.

The search input in the Resources dialog does not work. It's even easier to reproduce now.

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Changed Status to Dupe

Let's track the issue in the thread below. I would appreciate some information regarding the windowing system you are using.



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