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Telescopes are used prior to selecting planet to analyze

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I built a few telescopes but never selected a planet to analyze in the starmap. The duplicants still used the telescope, but were not completing any analysis. In other words, they were wasting time looking at the stars - not necessarily a bug in my personal opinion since the stars are beautiful, but I do not think it is anticipated gameplay :D


Steps to Reproduce
Sorry, no save file. I thought maybe they would continue to use the telescopes after finishing a planet, but after they finished a planet the telescope idle status came up and they did not use the telescopes. So this bug only appears when first creating the telescope and not having any planets selected.

User Feedback

21 hours ago, Gurgel said:

Do they get learning skillups?

Good point, I never watched the duplicants using the telescope long enough to see if they leveled their Learning attribute while using the telescope.

Dev Team, after analyzing all of the destinations, my duplicants are back sitting in the telescopes doing nothing (or perhaps increasing their Learning attribute as Gurgel suggested). Perhaps this is a leftover from when the telescopes produced Data Banks? I would suggest that the telescopes not be used prior to selecting a destination to analyze, nor be used after all the destinations have been analyzed.

Also, assuming Telescopes no longer produce Data Banks, then the Virtual Planetarium information needs to be updated:

  • From: "Conducts Interstellar Research using data from Telescopes and Research Modules"
  • To:      "Conducts Interstellar Research using data from Research Modules"

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