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Sweeping Top Priority not working as expected

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After Setting Top Priority on a Sweep Errand, My Duplicants seemed to have not performed it at all. This seemed to have happened with both normal items, and liquids.

Setting them to Priority 9, seemed to get the duplicants to put away materials faster.

In order to get Duplicants to perform work on Polluted Water Bottles, I had to adjust my Bottle Emptier to a priority 9 instead of 5.

I made a Twitch Highlight so that you can see this in action


post mortem: it seems that storage bins / emptiers need to be also set to a higher priority than normal tasks, for a sweeping action to be done during top priority.

Steps to Reproduce
Not Exact, but how I had things on my world 1. Create Storage Bins, Set to priority 8 2. Create Bottle Emptier, set to priority 5 3. Create many priority 9 task for duplicants to complete (digging, cooking, building etc) 4. Set Sweeping Errand for duplicants on items/liquid bottles for TOP PRIORITY 5. Witness no one doing the task immediately. 6. Set Storage bins and bottle emptier to priority 9, to match previously set building/digging tasks. 7. observer after the new priority set, duplicants do work (workaround really)

User Feedback

Seems like a priority issue. You got too many people with other jobs at the same level priority or take more time to complete.

It's much easier to set dupes up with shorter tasks as +2 and longer tasks as +1 and dedicate them to something.


You could, for instance, take Ruby off of Operate (a long task that once started will try to complete), up his Tidy to +2 and remove (default) Burt from Tidy.

You could even put everyone on supply/storage to +0, set Ruby to +1 on those and +2 on Tidy.

Priorities on buildings should only be used if there are similar tasks but you want them done in a higher priority. So, storage at 5 and bottle emptiers at 6 would means a +2 tidy would mop liquids first before anything, +1 storage/supply would move it to the +6 bottle emptier first.

This would give you direct control over mopping and emptying liquids without super over prioritizing things. With so little dupes and so many tasks, you can't really use those +2 priorities just yet without issues like this.

Edit: Nikola was the one to finally pick it up. It's because you had him at +2 farming AND +2 ranching (very time consuming jobs) and they may have a hidden priority multiplier. If you really want him as your storage guy, you would be better off putting storage/supply at +2 and farming/ranching at +1 (they wont have the time to do both jobs, BTW, so pick one). If no one else is at +1 farming/ranching, he will be the only one to do it anyways.

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