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  1. After building an airflow tile over normal base tiles, the "white ghost/blueprint" graphics stayed after building. Originally, the task never completed. however, after canceling the task and re-tasking, the order was complete, however the ghost/blueprint still remained. I made a short highlight cutting out the boring parts. See following link The problem seemed to have fixed itself after a restart of the save.
  2. After Setting Top Priority on a Sweep Errand, My Duplicants seemed to have not performed it at all. This seemed to have happened with both normal items, and liquids. Setting them to Priority 9, seemed to get the duplicants to put away materials faster. In order to get Duplicants to perform work on Polluted Water Bottles, I had to adjust my Bottle Emptier to a priority 9 instead of 5. I made a Twitch Highlight so that you can see this in action post mortem: it seems that storage bins / emptiers need to be also set to a higher priority than normal tasks, for a sweeping action to be done during top priority.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title Pigmen get stuck on bridge corners. Steps to reproduce Using Test map refresh, get pig friends, find zig zag like bridge, just walk. Describe your issue I guess its not necessarily a bug, but more annoying. I had started a new world, and began to gain some new friends while following me across a zigzag bridge, they would get caught in some corners of the bridge, instead of continuing to follow me, or the rest of the bridge. this became a nuisance, since i had to walk backwards a bit in order to not only find them, but to walk them around that corner slowly to insure they were not stuck. It is really hard to do this in such a small amount of space on a zigzag bridge. I hope this is an issue that could be resolved with Pig Following AI and reupdating paths. Here is a link to a screenshot. Thank you, Deafro5