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Sweeping issue

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Dupes always sweep things even they aren't assigne to.

Steps to Reproduce
It's cycle 1 and at very first of the play

User Feedback

sweeping is an order to clean the stuff off the ground. delivering will still go pick up stuff and put it in boxes and machines that ask for them even if you don't have sweep turned on. sweeping is a command action delivery is an automatic action. setting storage boxes up without it being marked as sweep only will request the items on its filter at the priority you have the box set to. so even if your sweep is turned off the box is asking for the what looks like a sweep action. you can use this mechanic to have sweep to bring stuff to a centralized pile, for distribution to marked storage bins sweeping at 8 then storage at 7 will make dupes collect stuff for the pile while sweeping then after sweeping is done they will go back and sort the stuff into the other boxes

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