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Suggestion: Add ability to set default job priority when creating new jobs

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Mostly as a QoL and also to help make the priorities < 5 more useful.  I can set the priorities of many background activities (such as sweeping/cooking/research) well enough to make use of the priorities > 5 (for example, life support stuff goes at 8; if I want to clean before work I set containers at 6, etc.).  I never use < 5 unless I am explicitly planning (pre-painting the base as part of planning, for example).

Some activities - such as mopping and sweeping - I always set higher than default because I'm doing so to deal with an immediate need.  And in other cases I would like to set some work to always be higher priority by default (like construction being higher priority than digging, or whatnot).  I would probably set digging to 3 and construction to 4, for example, and leave 1-2 for explicit background work.

Anyway, setting the default priority for a new task seems a pretty easy way to leverage the existing system to be more flexible for the player.  It could be as simple as remembering the last setting for the task type.  


Steps to Reproduce
Since I am forced to :- ) : Click dig, select priority 4, create some dig jobs. Click harvest then dig again - job priority is back to 5.

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