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  1. Reloading the save fixed it. You can watch the build progress start full and get reset though, so there's probably still useful data in the save file.
  2. I have a cot that duplicants are building forever. It's just a few days in - see attached save The Festering Rat's
  3. I had it happen again. FWIW if I build a tile over it and then deconstruct the tile, I get the building material back plus another material (dirt for the first one, algae the second) and the buried object indicator goes away.
  4. Save attached. I didn't see how it happened exactly, unfortunately. All I've done is dig left, it's a new start. ' Festering
  5. It doesn't seem to account for ingredients that are produced and consumed (eg, mush bar -> mush fry)
  6. Appears they won't leave a tile once they have the drowning tag; even if it's a trivial amount of water and neighboring tiles are ok. This guy just expired in a wet floor. Doomed Trainwreck.sav
  7. At least via the Info popup it's not. It's hard to tell for sure whether it is a display problem or not but there is more C02 down there than I'd expect. Anyway, savegame attached. Doomed Trainwreck.sav
  8. Mostly as a QoL and also to help make the priorities < 5 more useful. I can set the priorities of many background activities (such as sweeping/cooking/research) well enough to make use of the priorities > 5 (for example, life support stuff goes at 8; if I want to clean before work I set containers at 6, etc.). I never use < 5 unless I am explicitly planning (pre-painting the base as part of planning, for example). Some activities - such as mopping and sweeping - I always set higher than default because I'm doing so to deal with an immediate need. And in other cases I would like to set some work to always be higher priority by default (like construction being higher priority than digging, or whatnot). I would probably set digging to 3 and construction to 4, for example, and leave 1-2 for explicit background work. Anyway, setting the default priority for a new task seems a pretty easy way to leverage the existing system to be more flexible for the player. It could be as simple as remembering the last setting for the task type.
  9. It's the only job that by-design requires you in ugly locations - and the better your dupe is at digging the more they hate it. Stopping digging to place decor isn't that fun. What I've found I need to do is rotate jobs between digging and those that can be done in a constrained location (such as cooking). For 1-2 dupes this is ok but beyond that it's more micro than I like. Few approaches I can see: Leave it as it is - it's a dirty job, this is a way of saying 'I did my time' Dupes really love digging - while actually digging give them a "doing a job I love" bonus to offset the stress incurred from drab surroundings Create a natural alternate use for digging that can take place in nicer surroundings ??? Y'all are more creative than I am
  10. but it actually produces Natural Gas, no? Supernova.sav
  11. Only one output but yes, multiple inputs. You can't have multiple inputs without a liquid bridge to connect them? I do it all the time and it normally works fine. I would expect things work efficiently even with multiple outputs (pipe throughput being the limiter). I have multiple inputs and outputs in my air system and that works fine. Loops would be the case I could understand not working ideally. I already worked around this case but will try the liquid bridge next time. Thanks!
  12. My drain has started to create a 1 tile gap every other tick; suspect it is caused by multiple pipes connecting to the drain somehow. Not sure what triggered it though. Picture and save game attached Supernova.sav
  13. Burying the dead and finishing the cycle did not help. Mitigation was to save, exit to main menu and then continue the game. It loaded in the correct state.