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Sudden game crash after a few hours of continuous gameplay

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Happened after a long initial session.

Not sure if fmod.log is needed, but given the size I assume it contains very detailed logging. The log files section is very unclear and references files that don't exist.





Steps to Reproduce
Event was rather sudden, best I can manage is a list of recent actions: - A duplicant died and was buried - Several duplicants were starving (hence the death) due to crops being stifled - An item of food was claimed to be in the colony but uncollectable (couldn't see it anywhere) - Some fans were built (the ones that consume water) to deal with crop heat Earlier on (maybe a half hour before the crash) I did have a lavatory linked up that was refusing to work, and a liquid pump below that was stockpiling the water instead of sending it up. Before deconstructing I had at least 5000kg of water in the pump.
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