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Steam Turbine: wasteHeatToTurbinePercent isn't in GUI

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After getting a hint on the forum, I looked in the source code of the steam turbine and in fact it has wasteHeatToTurbinePercent, which is set to 0.1f. In other words 10% of the heat energy consumed from steam is turned into heat energy in the building itself.

I have no issue with the game mechanic itself. The issue is that it's not mentioned in the game at all, at least not that I can see. Building the steam turbine doesn't mention it. Clicking on a constructed steam turbine doesn't say, though hovering over heat production while it's running tells how much it heats up, but not why. The database doesn't seem to be any mentioning of the 10% either.

Given how much it affects the usage of steam turbines it would make sense to add this information.

Steps to Reproduce
Look at steam turbines ingame.

User Feedback

The wiki says +4kDTUs, and if i´m correct the build overview also says it generates heat to the surrounding. Also i always knew it dissipates heat from the beginning. 

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The steam turbine has two sources of heat. One is a fixed 4 kDTU/s. The other is 10% of the heat extracted from the steam. This means a steam turbine producing 850 W will release nearly 92 kDTUs/s or nearly 23 times the amount of heat mentioned on the wiki or in the ingame database.

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