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Steam Turbine destroys more heat then intended?

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Steam Turbine Test.sav Was messing around with an old save file in the new test branch, and was trying out setups for the new Steam Turbine. It seems that the new Turbine (or maybe it's the Aquatuners), is somehow deleting more heat then it should be. Basically, in the save I have a setup with Aquatuners cooling 3.2kg/s of water by 70C on average, which is 936KW of cooling. Now, this heat is used to heat up steam for the turbine, however the turbine is only running at 500ishW on average, and the steam fluctuates between 150C and 160C (due to the buffer I use to automate the tuners), which means the turbine is only converting about 501KW of heat to power (155C steam is cooled by 60C to get 95C water, 60C*2kg*4.179SHC = 501KW). The turbine does have waste heat, but that is only about 50-60KW, and with the way the setup is done here, the tuners are ALSO cooling the turbine in addition to the 3.2kg/s consumed by the Bristle Blossoms, so the turbine waste heat should have no effect on the 'balance' of heat. Somehow a large amount of heat is being destroyed without being converted into power here.

I was able to get other players to confirm this issue with alternative aquatuner + steam turbine setups as well, so it doesn't seem to be a case of me missing insulation somewhere and leaking a bunch of heat or something else obvious. I realise this might be a bit vague but I can't think of a better way to explain it.



Steps to Reproduce
Basically I just ran the setup and monitored the difference between how much cooling the Aquatuners were doing vs how much the Steam Turbine was cooling the steam it was inputting, and there seems to be a huge gap that can't be easily explained by heat leakage. The 'gap' stayed consistent for 25+ cycles and I didn't observe any heat leakage into the surrounding area.

User Feedback

I have made isolated Steam Turbine and Aquatuner.



Steam Turbine
Input: 165°C steam with 2kg
Output: 95°C water of 2kg

Input: 10kg of A°C water
Output: 10 kg (A-14)°C water

(165-95)°C x 2 kg = 14°C x 10 kg = 140°C kg

Theoretically, it need to achieve equilibrium.
But as time went by, the steam temperature dropped.

You have to look at this before you come to a conclusion.


If a 95°C steam causes a phase change to water, it becomes 96.5°C.

If water at 195°C phase changes to steam, it becomes 193.1°C.

Water released from steam turbines comes in the form of liquid and becomes steam, a gas.
However, the steam entering the steam turbine becomes liquid water as an internal process.

So I think constant one-way phase changes in the process gradually reduce the heat energy of the system.

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This effect you describe might be contributing to the issue, but losing about 1.5-2C water temp at 2kg/s of water usage is only about 12-16KW of heat loss, while I experience heat loss of around 435KW. So while one way state change heat loss might be a small part of the problem, if that was the only issue I wouldn't have even noticed it in the first place (or just assumed it was passive heat leakage since the materials I used weren't perfect insulators). Something else has to be going on here.

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