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Steam Engine tank empties completely when moving slider

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

Three cycles. THREE. To fill up this stupid steam engine.

I want to find out exactly how little steam it takes to get to the nearest planet, so I planed on filling to 900 kg then adjusting slider downward to save time on the next fill-up.

Create a steam factory my moving around 1million tons, about one percent of the regolith, into a tank using ALT+Q since I guess the tepidizer doesn't work anymore. Setup air pump. Plump to rocket. Go get lunch. Rocket full. Setup to 890 kgs. Cry as the game removed all of the fuel and not just the 10kgs that were over the limit.


Update: Apparently the steam engines are a one time use thing too.image.png.ed4bcefd883625d82ec7ae445c698dd3.png


Steps to Reproduce
Fill steam engine. Change value with slider or keyboard. Wait three cycles to repeat.

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